Wednesday, January 24, 2007

Do you have favorite people?

Jim and Terry, Carmel (2002)
I can't believe Jim Merithew called me last night. When Jim calls, you don't even care that you were sleeping; you're just glad to know that he still thinks about you some times--I mean, seriously: he lives in California, with a job people want, in a flat that overlooks Lake Merritt and off to the Marin headlands. He has an M6, and the pictures he takes with it always make you laugh, and he smiles when he talks and you have a crush on his wife. In other words, this is a guy who has plenty of reasons to not remember his Midwestern friends, the ones who let him win all the stop-sign sprints during road rides, the ones he could talk about Traverse City with.

I just feel all lucky.

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tsea said...

Maybe I've played to many video games, but I thought you meant a gun at first. Then I remembered 'my' cameras that "shoot" people in an infinitely better way than the nasty explosive things.