Tuesday, January 30, 2007

How I spent my snow day.

So I didn't know school was canceled until I walked into the main office and asked whether or not today's faculty meeting was called off. The school secretary looked at me with this "Hill is such an idiot look" and said "there's no school."

Of course, I had noticed that the halls looked rather empty, but I guess I thought I was just an early riser and beat most folks to school or something. Oh well. It's fun to be at school when it's empty. I got some work done, left, and now I'm at the new library, which is practically like totally my new favorite place in the entire world.

Looking at the drawing above, I am sitting in a comfy chair outside the windows on the second floor, and have my laptop putting all the power of the interwebs at my disposal.. There are fewer people in real life than you see in the picture, though. I dunno. This place just kills me. The power of architecture to help define a city should not be underestimated.


Mindstroller said...


i had the same experience. I went to school not knowing it was closed, and sat around for a while before i decided i should check at the office to see if it was closed. silly me. Its probably worse for me than for you though, cuz teachers seem to be always at school anyway, whereas students are gone as soon as possible.

mbh said...

did you find the silent room?

Mr. Hill said...

I think I did just yesterday . . . it was full of carpenters doing finish work, though, so I couldn't go in. It's gonna be nice.

Mindstroller said...

were they silent carpenters?

Mr. Hill said...


LetsGoThrow said...

Did you read the 1984 with the introduction by Thomas Pynchon? It came out a couple of years ago. The introduction gives you all kinds of things this to chew on. Pretty solid.

Nice seeing you in the fort the other day. I bought a couple of Skalicky's pieces (one is the piece he has hanging in the library).

Mr. Hill said...

I just found the intro online--thanks for the tip--my copy doesn't have it. It's a tough book to read now because Orwell's ideas have been proven so thoroughly true that people take them for granted now as cliche. It's like that bland acceptance is what lays the groundwork for making The Party possible.

Meg Marie said...

So, I'm at one of my two jobs (Glenbrook Hyundai), and looking through every entry of your blog is what I'm doing to keep myself entertained.
I digress.
The company my mother works for, ICON Exhibits, designed the fort-thingy in the children's section in the library.
Just some useless info for you.
Have a great day not being banned from MySpace or FaceBook.

Mr. Hill said...

I hope the blog helped your work day go faster, Meg.

Do you mean the space ship thing with reading pods in it--that fort? I love that and hate that I'm too old to climb up in it.