Thursday, February 22, 2007

A Day in the County

So, the library had its annual "Day in the County" photo contest yesterday and I completely forgot. Kind of a bummer. As a result, I have only this snap to show for the day. I hope it gets in.

Mr. B Cleans Up

I go to get this guy at daycare yesterday and he's sitting having a snack when I get there and he goes "My ready dad" and then immediately knocks over this big cup of water. "My sorry Dad. Where my towel?" Kids, man, dang.


tsea said...

Have you ever listened to any of Bill Cosby's early stand-up's about kids? Ahh I was a kid, but I grew up with those records. Probably what kept me from playing Buck-Buck, or sending a woolen top-coat down the toilet.

Mr. Hill said...

I remember some. The one about the snowball. Great stuff.

Have a safe trip back.