Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Poetry Out Loud is on

For anyone reading this who plans to compete in Poetry Out Loud, you might be wondering if today's (and probably tomorrow's, I'm thinking) school closings will affect it. The answer is no; snow cannot stop poetry--poetry thrives in it, in fact.

So things will go as planned on Thursday. Try to show up at rm 711 around 3:00 so you can sign in and get a room assignment. Try to bring four copies of the poems you plan to recite. If you have questions, email me at my school address.


Oden, Miles said...

What?--What is "Poetry Out Loud"?

Mr. Hill said...

There's a link in the post about it--it's a national poetry recitation contest open to high school students. Not a writing contest.

The link has a 12 minute video of the national finals in D.C. that is kind of cool.

LetsGoThrow said...

I forget, what are school closings? Even with seven inches of snow, I still had class today. And the crazy thing? Every student came too!

Mr. Hill said...

That's nuts!

sarahjane said...

i'm so bummed i can't come watch the homestead kids do this (i have to work). i'd never heard of poetry out loud, but that video of last year's finals is awesome! are there other schools in fort wayne participating? by the way, we finished season three and are dying to know which part shocked you so much (our guess is stringer bell).

Mr. Hill said...

I know there is only one other school in town, but I'm not sure which one. It might be Canterbury.

I'm really pleasantly surprised at the number of students who are attempting this--we've got almost 40 signed up.

You got through season three pretty quickly! I do think it was String's fall that got to me the most--I felt bad for the guy for some reason. I mean, he was almost legit, and he was at least as legit as the mayor and his office.