Thursday, September 27, 2007

Justice at Last

Sometimes I get an album and only give it 1/2 a listen before forgetting about it, only to rediscover it much later its awesomeness, leaving myself to wonder how my judgment could have been so poor the first time around.

This time, it's with Justice's album "cross" or whatever you call it--it's just a symbol of the cross, like on the one guy's chest here. I don't know anything about the group, but from the picture, they look like they've got that French grime-hip look totally dialed in. Sometimes I wish I could pull that off. Grimey is easy. Hip eludes me.

Usually don't dig much electronica, which is what Justice is, I guess. But then I hear Boards of Canada or Air or LCD Sound System or now Justice and I think "dang, there must be a whole world of cool electronic music out there just wondering what's taking me so long." And perhaps there is.


thechrisproject said...

I've been listening to this album a lot since I saw a video on YouTube of a girl dancing to the song Phantom. I've been listening and occasionally making "electronica" (the term sorta makes me cringe... it's like grouping all music with guitars under one heading) for a decade or so, though. I'm still in a shitty punk band, though!

Oh yeah, the album is indeed titled simply "Cross".

Ryan said...

If you're curious to check out another electronic (-a) band, then definitely give ADULT. a listen.

Mr. Hill said...

That's a great vid. Her hat is just like Jamiroquai's.

You're "making" electronic music? How difficult is it to do that?

thechrisproject said...

About as difficult as writing other music, combined with some computer skills. It depends, there are all sorts of ways to make electronic music. The question is similar to something like... digital photography? How difficult is it to do that.

Here's a song I wrote many years ago.

Mr. Hill said...

Hey, fun tune. I like when it gets all busy there at about the 2/3 mark.

That was a dumb question of mine: "How difficult is it?" It just seems like what with Cool Edit Pro, which I'd think would let you mess with borrowed sounds, and some other music making software I don't even know about, it's probably a lower threshold than ever to DIY.