Sunday, September 23, 2007

What to do.

Somehow, don't ask me how, I've watched less television in 2007 than almost any other year in my life. I think it's in part because I improved the feng shui in our living room, where there is no tv, so that it's a nicer place to hang than it used to be. But it has been nice, and quiet-like, and now PBS has to run that durn Ken Burns's fifteen hour WWII documentary. Fifteen hours?! It's ridiculous. My station will be able to fit two or three pledge drives in that span of time.

So yeah, am having a tough time figuring out how much time to devote to this. I think it's necessary, but a pain, too, like cleaning out your gutters.

I wonder if Ken Burns is rich or not. Can you get rich doing documentaries for PBS? I might have to have my friend Bob, who once got me J.D. Salinger's address and phone number, to dig up Burns's too so I can scope his crib on Google Earth.


countvonsexy said...

I'm watching tonight.

--The spots they've had for it on NPR have been terribly engaging.

I mean, I'm no WWII nut--but even my interest is piqued.

Yesterday they were talking about this brigade of skiing soldiers that took this mountain in Italy.

I was like, "Dang...I wanna ski".



nathan_fisher said...

Did you ever actually try calling Salinger?

Or just keep the number still, unwilling to disturb the sanctity.

Mr. Hill said...

Not yet. I'm saving it for an emergency, like if I'm in class and we get into an unresolvable argument over what Holden's hat symbolizes.

wes gaines said...

aw man I'm totally guilty of snooping people's houses on Google Earth, mostly local political candidates...Hayhurst has a nice complex out southwest. this is sick...