Wednesday, September 19, 2007

Request for AP, or other students

I don't know if any of y'all AP students will be reading this in time, but I just saw that Kid Nation is premiering tonight. If you could see a way to tape the episode for me, that'd be great; I don't have a working vcr these days. I'm curious to see what parallels, or outright allusions, there might be to Lord of the Flies. There'll be some extra credit in there for you, unless you're a past student, in which case I promise to write a better recommendation letter for you than I would have otherwise.


countvonsexy said...

カクチカ テチト カクイ チコトラリナカイ ハニストカ カクニミキ カクチカ ソチモイ カラ モン モニミシチ チト テイリリル

ニ クイチスシ カクイ トクラテ ニト カススニコリイネ コナカ ニ ソチミケカ トイイ クラテ ニカ ソラナリシミケカ コイ トラモイテチカ トニモニリリチス カラ ケリラスイシ ラハ カクイ ハリニイトケル

チミンテチントネ ニ クイチスシ ニカ テチト カイススニコリイルルル

countvonsexy said...


I heard that the show is terrible.

But I thought the same thing.

I don't see how it couldn't have some "LORD OF THE FLIES" swished in there somewhere.

I haven't even seen the show, but already I have some ideas to make it better:

A) It must take place in the UK.

B) Fool a group of unsuspecting children. Tell them that they have won a trip and put them on a plane.

C) Crash the plane.

D) Turn the cameras on---and THAT'S good "Lord of the Flies"-esque television.


Ryan said...

The reviews for the first episode have not been really positive... I'll try and catch the next episode to see if it's as disappointing as said reviews say it is.

Sarah said...

I WATCHED IT. Even though I didn't want to. Lack of other television.

It's actually not as deserted as you might believe. There's a guy there almost all the time, and any kid can go home if they want. Also -- they get money and food and I'd say they're incredibly spoiled and the only thing that might upset any of them is the fact that the parents are absent.

I wish I could figure out how to tape it for you. Because the only way I know how to tape things is on the DVR, and I think that's non-transferrable.

Mr. Hill said...

Them are some good ideas, David.

I think it would be funny if they planted some kids to play Ralph/Jack/Piggy type roles and then try to get the rest of the chilluns to go all native like they do in the book.

Sarah, I'm so sorry for you--"lack of other television" is an affliction that affects untold millions. There should be a foundation or something.