Sunday, April 13, 2008

Rugby Saturday

We got there too late to see my school's match, but whenever rugby is going on, it seems like there are always plenty of teams willing to drive to town to make a day of it. I got there just in time for this squad from Detroit to take on the local club. It was about the cruddiest weather imaginable: wind & sleet. A Detroit guy says to me "Thanks for saving the good weather for us" and I say "please, they invented this weather in Deroit." And then he punched me in the face. Actually, they were all super nice fellers. And they all look like contestants in a Bluto look-alike contest (Bluto, you know, the bully in the Popeye cartoons). I could have thought of a better comparison, maybe.Rugby really is one of the more confusing games to watch if you don't know the rules. I can't figure out any of it. From what I can tell, they only stop play when the teams aren't causing enough injuries. Other than that, they just run around and dislocate things that should always be very firmly located.

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Hmmm? said...

You stayed and watched a game you didn't understand in the sleet... well, at least you were able to get some good pictures.

Mr. Hill said...

Oh, we only lasted a half hour or so. The kids got bored with playing on the playground in the rain. I said "What? When I was your age, all we had was the rain--no playground at all--and we loved it!"

They just kept saying they were bored, though, so we left.

Hmmm? said...

I think the only thing that sounds worse than sitting in the sleet watching Rugby is watching a basketball game. You may have good taste in almost everything, but sports is not your thing.

Calypso said...

Oh whatever, rugby is awesome. I had to Wikipedia it before I could sort of get what was going on, but it can be really fun to watch.

Hello, by the way! It's been a while!

Mr. Hill said...

Hey, Caly. You should suit up for the girls' team. I hear they're a few women short. Chelsea told me the other day that they have a rule against hair pulling, so you wouldn't have to worry about that.

Calypso said...

Heh heh... yeah. I feel like it's one of those sports that's fun to watch, not as fun to play.

Although I may have considered it if I had any athletic ability whatsoever.