Tuesday, April 29, 2008

The Outdoors is Open

Finally, the first outdoor meal of the year. We should eat all our meals outside year around, like the Indians did. They had it figured out. Everything tastes better there. I could even eat grass outdoors. Like cows. Cows have it figured out too, I guess.

This here is a picture of the new fish taco recipe I made for C's birthday. I always make different fish taco recipes because I don't have any written down and always end up at different web sites looking one up. This one had me frying cod, and that is never a bad idea. Might be my new favorite.

I fry so rarely that I never know what to do with the left over oil. I let it sit out and then throw it away trying not to think about what I spent for the bottle. Could I fry donuts the next morning after making fish tacos at night? Probably not. C suggested the reverse might be possible, though.
This is a picture of the tree that I tried to fill with lights to make the night more festive. It looks cool in person. I think the summer rule will be that if you drive by and see the lights on in the tree, then you can stop by and we will grill something for you. Asparagus, probably, so I hope that's okay.
The family

And before I forget, I need to write it down that if I ever write a children's book, my pen name will be "P.J. Bottoms."
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Hmmm? said...

awww...that post made me almost wish we had family dinners. Almost. I love asparagus though.

By the way, I heard you support Hillary Clinton, so I'm bringing you chocolate tomorrow.

Mr. Hill said...

yes!! That will probably end up being the only reward I reap for my political choice this election.

Hmmm? said...

I say "bluhh" to your pessimism.

Mindstroller said...

while i respectfully disagree with your choice of political candidate, i thoroughly agree with the whole "food is better outside" thing. During the summer at my lake house we basically eat every single meal outside because its so wonderful. Also, i think your kids are too dang cute.

PirateGecko said...

Neat pen name. :D

sarahjane said...

Well, at least someone's not afraid to admit their love for Hillary. Dinner looks lovely. I'm jealous. I want a tree with lights on it!

Mr. Hill said...

You can borrow the tree, SJ.

Meg Marie said...

I recently had puddgy pies outside by the firepit at the lake cottage. They had to be the best puddgy pies I've ever had.