Sunday, June 22, 2008

Epic Parenting

The wife, back there in third place.

And after, happy.

With C's bike race taking up a little under two hours on a tough course under thundering clouds today, we both thought that it might qualify as an "epic" ride. But just as epic, I realized, would be my parenting assignment: to keep two kids who'd been up until 11:00 the night before happy in the rain. Fortunately for me, kid saviors in the form of our friends the Floyd children (B refers to them as "my friend Floyd") showed up and made my job a simple thing.

C had that special kind of happy vibes you only get after two hours of racing your bike around. You can see it in her eyes here. I was jealous all the way home.
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Hmmm? said...

Dang! From your picture, that course looks like fun, at least compared to the circle i run in several times a day.

heidi said...

we love your whole family. next time make sure c sticks around to get her prizes!

sarahjane said...

Man, she's putting me to shame. How cool! I'm still laughing thinking about the three wired kids running around like lunatics. That was a great time!

Mr. Hill said...

That was crazy. Maybe our kids' record late night.

I'm still cracking up about B wanting me to go get "Mr. Wesley" so he could hear Fleet Foxes, his "favorite song." I had to play that song at least five times for him yesterday.

mbh said...

i saw fleet foxes in your player and im hooked. I cant stop listening to white winter hymnal it gets stuck in my head. and thats intense you've ridden 435 miles on your bike. hope your havin a good summer mr hill. I miss Comp!

lindsayriceoxley said...

So besides your obvious epic parenting, I am completely jealous of the epic biking photo in this section. I have so much to live up to. Did I tell you I am majoring in photo for now, which means all art classes first semester and about 12 studio hours a week for two classes...and yet I have zero actual photog courses...the nerve.

Mr. Hill said...

That Fleet Foxes record has taken over the house. Both kids won't let me play anything else now in the car. They're the new beatles. in a way.

All art! All the time! That's going to be a blast, L. I can't wait to see what you do there.