Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Some early summer scenes



Dog, bath.

New book store cat

New raised bed.

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Rachel said...

Hey! Nice photos.

Also, Hyde Brothers bookstore cat, if I'm not mistaken! Zan and I were there yesterday.

Mr. Hill said...

That's the cat. The day I saw him, he was just getting over getting "snipped."

nathan_fisher said...

And to think, I almost thought I'd look cool for knowing that was Hyde Brothers.

I'm so out of it.

Also: Poor Silver Jews...

Mr. Hill said...

Just means you're both cool.

I have to say I agree with almost every word of that review, except I think that he's too harsh on Cassie, who does her best singing here.

It's funny how you keep expecting a big backlash against Pitchfork out there in the hipster community, but, at least to me, they have maintained their cred with thoughtful and well-written reviews like this one.

sarahjane said...

The raised beds looks nice!

Mr. Hill said...

Thanks! I used sandbox technology from last year's outdoor project and tweaked it. Mainly by adding dirt instead of sand.

Mindstroller said...

Your dog doesn't look too happy about the bath, but he seems to be tolerating it like bond to torture.

Hmmm? said...

Its great that you have your kids interested in working out in the yard. Usually my dad just has me pull weeds or shovel too many pounds of some medium so i try to get out of helping somehow. Until I feel guilty thirty minutes later.