Monday, June 02, 2008

Final Moments



2:35, and it's all over.

Here are most of my student assistants from this year. Zan and Pavan are missing. I'd never agreed to having an assistant before Nathan and Erin (not pictured) convinced me last spring. Thanks to all of you for teaching me that there are more important things to do during my prep period than actual prepping:

watching The Office on Hulu
practicing the cursive "z"
Slushee wagers
brainstorming ideas for AP Comp papers
waltz lessons along to Gillian Welch's Revival
getting ideas for funny things to say and do to students from Teri
trying not to tell you I knew Teri won the writing contest
getting Joe and Nathan into Collins LLC
deciding which days to go to the P4K Festival
trying to get Teri to go to IU
trying to make you all want to be English majors
and so much more.

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Nathan said...

It still hasn't hit for me yet. It just feels like a really long weekend.

Hmmm? said...

I agree with Nathan. It hasn't hit me yet. And I'm really bad at goodbyes...if you couldn't tell. especially when I keep thinking i'm coming back tomorrow.

nathan_fisher said...

Haha, very nice Hill, very nice.

An interesting sidenote: Were you aware that the superintendent was threatening to take away Erin Quinn's right to walk at graduation if she didn't take down the short, indistinct footage she shot of the food fight off Youtube? Apparently, the only reason she'll be at Graduation on Saturday is because she's taking it down today.

Not to somehow bring more guilt-by-association into this blogosphere of yours here, but I thought it might strike you as interesting.

I didn't understand it; seemed like proper fascism to me. :)

By the way--when should we arrange that Cat Power/Radiohead swap? Are you ever at school this summer?

Mr. Hill said...

If you do go back tomorrow, could you feed my fish? I'm convinced they're going to die.

And that's the thing--life never hits you. Except maybe right before you die. If you have time, right before you die, it hits you: "oh, life doesn't hit."

Mr. Hill said...

I'm not at school much--I'm on my way out right now. We'll figure it out a way.

nathan_fisher said...

More for you:

Mindstroller said...

OH deary-me fishy boy. I had no idea they were making a Road movie! Now I'm excited about it. I hope they do it justice, though i think it'll be hard to convey Mccarthy's writing style.

Also, there was an awful lot of dead space that could make for a boring movie. Hope they do it well.

Calypso said...

I only had you for a semester, but it was an awesome semester. I loved that class. And because they moved your room and I still don't know where it is, this is my goodbye and thanks for everything.

And just to let you know... I'm going to IU to be an English major. Hurrah!