Saturday, May 31, 2008

To the Graduates

Well, HHS graduates, the flowers are out and congratulating you. Even the tiny Chamomile and Chives in my herb garden are doing their best. So when you pass something blooming that seems to be celebrating your passage from being someone who plays Nintendo at home into someone who plays Nintendo in a dorm room, be sure to say to it "thanks, it feels good."

If you take any lessons away from your time in my classroom, let it be these:

1. Blue .07 Pilot gel pens are the best.
2. Dogs are better than cats, but cats are better than nothing.
3. A comma-splice happens when two main clauses are joined by a comma.
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Hmmm? said...

4. How to kill off fish.

Hmmm? said...

oh yeah, I'm coming to bother you on Monday with Becky Price because I kinda ran out of the building to throw my water balloons and didn't stop by.

Mr. Hill said...

Oh, yeah--killing fish. Forgot that one.

Try to leave the balloons at home on Monday.

Rachel said...

I think my new baby lilac bush congradulated me. There's a little purple flower there that wasn't there before.

I wasn't aware that was what it meant though. It's a good thing we still have you to translate. There's still a lot to learn.

nathan_fisher said...

How'd those chalkboard pictures turn out? Terrible, I assume.

Mr. Hill said...

Actually, they're kind of cool.

nathan_fisher said...

Are they going to be blogged, or lost forever?

Also, you listened to Grand Archives? New band from the guitarist from Band of Horses. You've probably heard of them, but if not--new self-titled album is great. Grand, even.

Mr. Hill said...

They'll go up--probably tomorrow.

And no--haven't heard them yet. I'll have my people look into it. Oh wait, you are my people.

PirateGecko said...

Those are some nice lessons. :]

Nathan said...

Thanks Mr. Hill for Writer's Club and the great two semesters I had you.

HerrHerr said...

Dogs are better than cats
Pure poppycock!

But I'll forgive you for that one since I now know how to use a semi-colon.

Thank you.

Mr. Hill said...

I will concede that LOLcats are better than LOLdogs, but that is the best I can do.

Mindstroller said...

Dogs rule! Cats Drool!

Err... No, i guess its technically the other way around. Ah well!

Thanks for the year and half i was in your class for, Mr. Hill!