Saturday, May 24, 2008

Clawhammer Season

When the trees fill out is when I usually start to feel like playing banjo again. I would probably be a lot better if I played year around. But anyway this is the first time I've looked around YouTube for things to play and I came across this great video. The song is nice, but my favorite part is the dogs wandering around. Wait for the part when the third lab wanders in and stares at the guy for a few minutes before sitting down to scratch an itch.

What kind of world would it be if everyone had to own three Labradors? I think we would all be a lot more mellow. I remember when we lived in Evansville, everyone grew tomatoes. You could walk up to any stranger and say "How are your tomatoes doing?" and you would be friends, even if they voted for different people than you did, and most of them did.

How much better would the bond be if you could go up to anyone on the sidewalk and say "How are your Labradors?" I think it would be pretty nice.


Rachel said...

If everyone HAD to own three Labradors, we would definitely have a different world.

Would you become a social outcast for owning a Labradoodle?

LetsGoThrow said...

I'll be in town June 8,9,10. Will you?

Mr. Hill said...

For sure! Wow, that doesn't happen too often.

Bring your banjar!

Hmmm? said...

I don't know why I haven't taught myself the guitar yet. When I run or am just standing around listening to music, I do the whole air guitar thing so hard that my upper body is sore the next day. Who needs weights to get a workout?Aerosmith is the best air guitar band.

HerrHerr said...

I'd envision those with dog allergies would be foaming at the mouth with casted, empty benadryl bottles aside them. Maybe not a good idea... though most probably entertaining.

(Oh, and I totally watched all of the The Office episodes on hulu this weekend: thanks!)