Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Best in Show and Tell

This here is Sarah Jane reading from the journal she kept in, I think, 5th grade, and it was the funniest thing, the perfect example of why journals must be compiled and then kept, no matter how banal they may seem to us at the time. The best part for me when hearing this was how easily Sarah Jane slipped back into the voice of her ten year old self.

This was all part of our first Show & Tell club, which is a kind of side-project or offspring of a book club we started a year ago, and I think it is going to continue for a bit. The book club still exists, but it's now more of a "this is what I read and liked in the last month or two" club on alternate months, and with the initial success of this new gathering, we'll have to see what happens. Maybe we'll start a recess club to take its place on the off months.
Here I am flipping through a darkly funny flip book made by Marie, whom I just met that day. I think most people left that day thinking "I want to make one of those things that [insert name] did." That's how I felt, anyway.

Cath and I had initial plans to do a cover version of Animal Collective's unreleased song "House," until we realized that we were bad. We had no problem embarassing ourselves--we just didn't want to embarass anyone trying to watch us. It was a lot of fun rehearsing, though. I love that song. And I learned how to use this cool free download music program to make some background for it. Mason, if you read this, I totally want a Fruity Loops tutorial some time.
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LetsGoThrow said...

I'm totally jealous of your group.

Let me know if you found the key to my house. I saw an ad today for a free "The Sea and Cake concert on the 27th but I think that's the same day as "My Bloody Valentine" We're thinking that we'll come home on the 27th now...


Michelle said...

Looks fun!

Mr. Hill said...

Totally fun, yes. And jealous, yes.

Sea and Cake? That would be a great show too--is it during the day in some park? What would be an awesome double if we could pull that off.

I don't have your key, I don't think. There is one more place to look. It probably fell out of my pocket at IKEA while I was taking a nap in a POANG chair.

How can you come home from a wedding on Saturday?