Saturday, September 06, 2008

Ligonier Marshmallow Fest

So you tell the kids that you're going to the Ligonier Marshmallow Fest and because they are too young to recognize the absurdity of it, they say "okay" and climb into their car seats. And so you say "okay" and climb into your grown-up seats and drive some part of an hour to stand in the sun and compare this small town fair to all the others you have been to.
And this one was sad, just how I like them. Hopeful, mostly vacant streets. The carnies too hot to bother you much. They let the kids cheat. The kids climb over the rail and knock down the targets with their fists, choose their crap, and leave.

This guy's van was parked next to about a hundred fancy antique hot rods. At first I assumed it was for sale, but now I think the sign was just for laffs.
It is not often you see a tent at a town fair selling--what are these, exactly? Under or outer wear? I was afraid to ask.

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LetsGoThrow said...

Did they have marshmallows? Any pictures?

Michelle said...

I've wanted to go to that and have not made it yet. Any hints there about the origin of marshmellows?

Mr. Hill said...

That part's funny--I neglected to mention it. Here is the only evidence we saw of marshmallows there:

1. A man in the distance in a marshmallow costume, walking alone down a street, oblivious to a kid following him that he couldn't see because of the bulk of his costume.

2. Two bags of marshmallows lying in the street.

3. Some, maybe 20-30, tiny, cocoa-sized marshmallows sprinkled on the grass in a park.

I guess it was more about the spirit of marshmallows than about the actual kind.

LetsGoThrow said...

Did you look at the schedule before you went because it looks more fun than the three rivers fest: bed race, festival queen pagent, euchre tourney, marshmallow bake-off. Maybe you just went at the wrong time...

Mr. Hill said...

That's a good point, and, come to think of it, I think that we might even have been in the wrong town, too.

That would explain a lot, but not all, of it.

sarahjane said...

Funny. Are you going to the Auburn Street Fair too? Cause we are.

LetsGoThrow said...

Man, I hope you were in the wrong town because that marshmallow suit guy just became even more awesome.

Mr. Hill said...

We have not attempted the Auburn Street Fair yet. It sounds dangerous.

Let us know what night you're going.