Thursday, September 25, 2008

Last fm correction

Because Last fm does not track what I listen to in my car, I feel the need to post a correction to the data it compiles there. For the record, I have played AC's song "Frightened" exactly 3,000 times on my way to and from work this week. I don't even live that far from school--I just turn into subdivisions and drive around and around, pressing repeat on the stereo.

And I also need to say, as far as my "mental" Last fm goes, that I have thought about MBV's song "Only Shallow" about the same number of times while doing dishes this week. I have heard the song so many times, it is built into my muscle memory or something now, just like my golf swing, because I have listened to it so many times since that album came out like 17 years ago or so. I don't know what I'm going to do when I see it played when I see them this weekend. Probably look around at all the kindred souls as we get misty-eyed.

But really, for real, the song on my mind for real this week is this version of "Alysoun," or "Alisoun," depending on which Middle English minstrel you ask. Too beautiful. Have had two different students sing striking versions of it, too. I really need to get one of those flip cameras to record moments like that.


mbh said...

Mr Hill what is Frightened? I can't find it anywhere and I want to hear it. Is it a new song?

Mr. Hill said...

It's one they're playing now, will probably be on the next record. The best recording of it I know is from this compilation a guy made of all the new songs they have played live over the past year or so.

You can find it here:

Along with Brother Sport, House, The Dancer, Frightened is probably my favorite right now. My 3 yr old screams it along with me, laughing. It's pretty funny to see.

mbh said...

ahhh ok it used to be called Dreamer..i remember seeing this one on a few lists. I think Brother Sport is my favorite new one, but that part in The Dancer where he goes..."but i am the little dancer who is missing you while you're goooooone" is one of the coolest AC moments ever.

Michelle said...

Have fun in Chicago!