Sunday, October 12, 2008

Bad news.

So sad.

Seen on the way to the annual Mississenewa 1812 reenactment, where a big Indian slaughter is celebrated, or depicted, every year near Marion, Ind.

Notice how the sign uses a backward D, creating an emoticon that can't be made with a keyboard. Some linguist working on her ph.d should interview the author, I would think.
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Rachel said...

Sad, yes, but we just compromise and turn our faces the other way.


Mr. Hill said...

Oh, but that changes the tone entirely. Something more profoundly despairing in the corn maze version, where yours looks more confused/ baffled.

Dawn Potter said...

I think the elevated "E" in "CANCELED" also adds to the melancholy.

How does a corn maze get canceled anyway? Corn not tall enough? Influx of maze vandals? Weevil trouble?

Mr. Hill said...

True--that E adds a syllable almost, like they were stretching to fit an iambic.

It was probably cancEled because the farmer switched from corn to crystal meth this year.

Mindstroller said...

It is so sad when that happens. I don't really think of Meth as having such a siren song as that... more of a horribly deformed, burnt out hippie song.

Michelle said...

Hey, I hear you are traveling south - enjoy!

Mr. Hill said...

That reminds me--I was wondering if you two knew anything about that town--has Mike spent any time there?