Monday, October 27, 2008

Late Birthday

I'm so bad with birthdays. This blog, for example, turned three a few days ago. The vanity! To celebrate, and to buy time as I pick out what pictures to use for part 2 of the Frank Stanford diary, here are a few of the old posts that were kind of funny, if occasionally long and pointless:

8.6.07, in which I report on Prospector's camping trip to the Upper Peninsula.
and part two of the same trip.

9.27.06, in which I first cause my daughter significant trauma, both physical and emotional.

9.6.06, in which I recount the time I told a joke about drunks for third grade show and tell.

Good times!


LetsGoThrow said...

wow, a clip show. next thing you know, we'll be getting reruns of old posts...

you should try to get your school to pony up the money to go to the favorite poem project conference in July in Boston lead by Robert Pinsky. I'm applying as school at the apps come out.

Mr. Hill said...

Oh, that would have been cool. I've already spent my money for the year, tho. I really like Pinsky's book The Sounds of Poetry.

Maybe I can rustle up some grant money.

Michelle said...

Do see your blog much more than I see you, over these three years, so glad for to have the blog.