Thursday, October 02, 2008

file dump

Here are some other pictures to show what kind of fun we could get into with 24 hours of babysitting and enough gas money to get to Chicago and back. I love that city, but it's always a little scary going there. "What if I get lost in Gary?" (didn't happen) "What if I can't find a parking space?" (did) "What if I get jealous of all the cool downtown neighborhoods and their stately homes?" (did, but that's part of why you go there in the first place)

This is the second picture Cath ever took of me since our first kid was borned. Honest. She was mainly trying to get the prettiness of Potato Creek State Park, where we fit in two laps on their rightly-lauded mtn biking trails. Not technical, but fast and more fun than you'd think, being in what I assumed would be flattish part of Indiana. I bit it 2.5 times, but only one of those times was at all cool.

And this is the first picture Cath took. That fall light can't be beat and it makes you want to take pictures of everything, even your husband. My triumph of the day was after this picture when I talked our way through three levels of state park bureaucracy to get to use the campground showers before we drove into Chicago for the concert: (1) campground booth lady; (2) young ranger guy booth lady called in for backup; (3) unseen boss ranger guy called on his radio who gave us the ok.

Pointed toward Chicago now.

Hanging out after big burritos at Carmela's Taqueria, one block from the Aragon Showroom, oblivious that MBV was probably playing their first song right about now. It was a cubicle-sized restaurant that we shared with five ticket scalpers and a cop. Very cozy, and good food, but I wish I got to hear all of the first song.
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sarahjane said...

Very sweet photos. I like them. Apparently you can accomplish a lot with 24 hours and a tank or two of petrol.

Mr. Hill said...

Total good times. Biggest thanks go to my folks for giving us a day and then letting us believe it was no big deal.

Dawn Potter said...

I see you shaved off the sideburns.

Mr. Hill said...

Yes, and I haven't written anything good since, so, there you have it.

I'm growing my leg hair back, though, so hopefully something good will come of that.

Dawn Potter said...

Hair is power. I've been explaining the Samson and Delilah situation to my long-hair fourteen-year-old, who is pleased to know that he should be able to depend on more than his Hollister t-shirt and witty repartee to keep girls interested.