Wednesday, February 18, 2009

And this was my contribution to Show 'n Tell Club. I have been thinking for awhile about the separate but similar lives my wife and I spent growing up on different sides of southern and northern Michigan. Did you know that we both have memories of the same marionette troupe that came to our elementary schools and that featured a dragon named "Applesauce"? No, how could you have--but, nevertheless, it is true. So this is the beginning of an imagined story of those lives.
This is me, and I think the look on his face captures the little me pretty well.

And this is C, holding still for a quick portrait. This is all I have so far, two pages. I'll probably do a few more and leave the rest in my imagination.
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HerrHerr said...

I'm gonna have to demand to have a copy of that. That's too cute.

Mr. Hill said...

Thanks, Tyluur! The hardback is due to be out in about 10 years, so I'll save you a copy.

Mindstroller said...

your drawings remind me of shel silverstein. god i miss that man.

Beth Niquette said...

What a lovely story. And I really enjoyed your illustrations.