Sunday, February 08, 2009

Yes, reading is, of course, awesome, but reading at the same time that you are parenting is something on a different level. It just does not happen that often. This is me finishing A Passage to India, and parenting.

I can't believe I'd never read an E.M. Forster novel, though I did see the movie for this one back in high school. At the time I thought that I would impress the girl I was seeing by choosing this video at the store--demonstrating my sophisticated taste or something. I can't remember if it worked, and I don't remember the movie, either, except that I think it was kind of slow, slower than the original.

But the novel is pretty wonderful. Long live the intrusive narrator.

And here is a valentine-themed comic for our chalkboard wall, the first episode in the adventures of "mouse."
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Dawn Potter said...

You know, I'm still reading with a kid draped over me . . . and my youngest is eleven. Plan for a long career of this.

sarahjane said...

Man, you've really taken a liking to the chalkboard wall. Pretty cool.

Mr. Hill said...

Oh that's good news, Dawn. I will keep books underneath all our couches so I'm always ready.

PirateGecko said...

That is an adorable picture.

I look forward to seeing more adventures with mouse. :)

Mindstroller said...

Am I the only one who thought the heart mouse found was actually rat poison? and that the final panel was mouse looking at "love-interest mouse's" body?

cuz cmon, who just finds valentines lying around? it was clearly a clever trap.

Mr. Hill said...

Oh, I love that reading. That's how I'm going to see it from now on . . until I erase it.