Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Show 'n' Tell Club, Valentine's Edition

Eric and Clare hosted the Show 'n' Tell Club on Valentine's Day this past weekend, and that means it was a good weekend. And it was romantic, too, from Eric telling us about how much he "loves" the movie Man on Wire, to Catherine reading the embarrassing bits from her journal the summer we met to Sarah Jane's embroidered highlights of life with Wes. Our little b recited something, even. Sometimes he refers to it as his "notes" but lately it has been his "poem." It is about dinosaurs, one of the most profound kinds of love little boys know how to express: Dinosaurs eat other dinosaurs/Dinosaurs stomp their feet/ Dinosaurs eat meat/ Some dinosaurs eat plants.
For their wedding, Marie and David collaborated on this incredible puzzle--the guests found the pieces and then put it together as a group. So we reenacted the assembly part of the wedding ceremony. All of the "guests" in the image, from "Idea Bear" to "the Invisible Man" (not pictured), reside with David and Marie in their home.
b walked up just as we finished putting it together and pronounced "that's a pretty cool puzzle." At 4, he is already a man with an aesthetic sense.

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sarahjane said...

What great photos! It was quite the romantic evening, wasn't it?

Mr. Hill said...

I sure thought so. Of all the clubs we have going on, that's one of the good'ns.