Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Spring Break, mid-term report

Half way into this year's spring break, an interim report:
  • Mole traps sprung: three; deceased moles: zero. But they're close--I can sense it. A friend of mine at work has an uncle who's obsessed with mole hunting and always says "if they knew how much fun this was, they'd make you buy a license." I'm not to that point yet.
  • The second draft of my writing assignment was an improvement, but still could have been savaged more than it was during the workshop last night. That class is so nuts. I appreciate a lot of what the prof is trying to do and how she's doing it, but the workshops can be so painful. She tries to start dialogue for each piece by asking "What is this about?" but we can all tell that she has an answer in mind when she asks it, and sometimes the correct answer is supposed to be "nothing" and other times the answer is supposed to be "it's about the father." We're too kind to answer the former, though, so when we try to suggest other possibilities--when we get it wrong, that is--we can sense her disappointment.
  • I finally read the instructions for the anti-fungal stuff I spray on my peach tree and it turns out I am a few months too late if I wanted to prevent peach leaf curl this year. I sprayed anyway, just in case; it seemed to help last year. I will still get a larger crop of peaches than I know what to do with, so no big deal.
  • Quite a reversal of fortune doing taxes yesterday, going from owing a big chunk to the state, including a penalty for underpayment, to realizing that I had forgotten to report what one of our employers had withheld for state taxes. I'm surprised I even figured that one out before I sent in the payment. That's good tax karma.
  • My Neighbor Totoro is my favorite Miyazaki movie until I see my next one or re-watch Spirited Away again.
  • J and I started seeds for lettuce, tomaters, basil, and, because she wanted to, sunflowers. I've never had much success with propagating things from seed, but they're already sprouting. Having things growing in your house adds a nice level of excitement to your life, I think. They're just these dinky seeds, but I bet I check them five or six times a day. It's better than teevee!
  • Speaking of, Katie Couric to CBS News? I dunno. That might be bad for news. That's not really fair to KC, though. I bet she changes the way we watch cooking demonstrations and Tom Cruise interviews during the nightly news.


Almighty Ryan said...

Wow, it sounds like you have been keeping busy! I suppose you could say that "keeping busy" has been the general theme throughout my spring break as well. I had to visit Saint Francis yesterday as well as get a haircut, get groceries, go to the 'ol comic shop, get the senior pictures that I think are horrible looking, and take the ASVAP test (the mandatory test they make those who are enlisting in the military take). Fun stuff, let me tell you. You should get into the comic book-hobby. It's addicting and completely geek-tacular. It rules.

Good luck in finding those moles by the way. Just remember: they're plotting to overtake you too!

Mr. Hill said...

Oh, I led the comic book life for a number of years. It's just below the surface. Walt Simonson's Thor, some of the best years of the X-men. I grew up reading from a my cousin's grocery sack full of books drawn by Jack Kirby: Fantastic Four, The Hulk. I often think that comics were what led me directly to reading more serious books. Then, though, I remember that I started out reading, years before reading comics, great YA lit like The Great Brain series and all of Tolkien's books. Comics, then, were an extended departure from reading for me. I don't regret it, but a few years of lost reading seems like a sad thing to me now.

For a while, I was into the graphic novels that are big now. Joe Sacco's books about Bosnia and Palestine, Maus, Jimmy Corrigan, Ghost World, and now the Persepolis books. I'm starting to cool there, too, a little bit, though. There are too many good books that need readin'.

Random1001.5 said...

Hey, Mr Hill good luck catching your moles, but I'm just curious if my E-mail to you made it through or not since you havn't responded

Mr. Hill said...

I haven't had access to that email account for a few days . . they're updatig software or somethin'.

Random1001.5 said...

well, anyways here's the link to roleplaying site. Anyone can check it out if they have an interest in Roleplaying.