Sunday, August 10, 2008

Catching up

Okay, that was some nice time off. First, some older snaps from a couple weeks back at the county fair:

Here is Michelle in her favorite barn at the fair, with this crazy kind of bunny that has to be the fluffiest thing in nature. Really, if every home had a couple of these sitting around the living room to pet every once in awhile, we, as a nation, would be a lot more chill.

Mike, showing my kids how to steal their first peak at a tractor pull. B was pretty into it.

The first "freak show" style exhibit I've ever noticed at our fair. And yes, we all paid to see her, and yes, it was sad and we felt bad afterwords, or at least weird.

And . . . school is coming. I know, because the marching band for the school near my home has begun practice and as always I can just hear the drum line practicing their Indian-drum style war-chant. It always makes the idea of the first day of school take on an ominous tone, but I'm excited for it, myself. School! Any AP kids from last year who are looking for an assistantship during 1st period, let me know.
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Mindstroller said...

Ooh! I'm looking for an assitantship!
Unfortunately... I graduated. Ah well, I'm glad to be out of there.

sarahjane said...

We've missed you guys! This week we're the ones in Michigan. I cannot believe there was a tiny woman exhibit--and you actually paid to see it!

Mr. Hill said...

Was that wrong of us to go see her? I can't decide. The World's Smallest Woman didn't seem to think so, at least.

It's so hard to describe how we all felt after it, too. I won't even try.

See you soon.