Thursday, August 14, 2008

Cut it out.

What a cool idea. I wish I had seen these examples of book cut-outs before we made ours in Club last spring. I have a couple of books left over and a lot of Mod-Podge, so I might have to try something different. It would take an incredibly sharp knife to make those, though--we had a fair bit of trouble with our big squares.


Hmmm? said...

I could barely make a square in my book. lol I even cut myself doing that.

PirateGecko said...

Those are really neat.

Speaking of club, I think you'll have a new recruit with my sister. :D

LetsGoThrow said...

I'm not sure what would take longer: sculpting an actual bonsai or carving one out of a book.

Carving an image out of a book that you made from the wood of the bonsai your grew, I guess would take longer.

Mr. Hill said...

And now that task, I'll wager, has just supplanted your prior 2010 plan to bike across the country.