Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Harvest Rule

If you grow tomatoes, it is a rule that, when your tomatoes come in, you have to take this exact picture. It is part of keeping your garden's Martha certification or something. So . . here is ours.

I must be the laziest vegetable gardener. I have watered that garden exactly none times--oh, but I do love to knock down weed starts with this old-timey hoe I got from my gramma Pierce. I forgot that I did that--so, not so lazy, maybe.
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PirateGecko said...

Those tomatoes look adorable and delicious. :)

Mindstroller said...

Our tomatoes did terribly this year. They just didn't want to grow for some reason. Although, my grandma's cherry tomatoes are looking pretty good. Here's hoping some Wascaly Wabbit doesn't get to em.

Michelle said...

OK, I did water them once or twice for you while you were out of town - it was hot, they looked desperate and I grew concerned on your behalf.

Michelle said...

And I meant to also say, THEY LOOK GREAT, your tomatoes! Hope to see you soon - cook outside, maybe?