Wednesday, August 20, 2008


Our own Mason Hunter just released an ep under the name Kaifei, and it sounds a lot like a record made by Panda Bear's imaginary friend. I don't think Mason would disagree. It's great stuff. In one of the comments below, he gave the url where you can download it.

If I remember right, he told me that he produced most of this using a program called Fruity Loops. I downloaded the demo and it's pretty danged cool. I can almost imagine myself using it to fulfill my dream of becoming a DJ--even better, a vegan, skate boarding, documentary film-making DJ. School has started, but maybe I'll give that dream a shot next summer.


HerrHerr said...

I saw you listening to this on and wondered who it was!

Link's broken, though=[

Nathan said...

I tried Fruity Loops once and realized I wasn't very good at composing music. After that, I just stuck to writing.

Mr. Hill said...

Link should work now.

Fruity Loops--it's kind of overwhelming, like you need to cut your teeth on a $12 Barbie keyboard for awhile before tackling it.

nathan_fisher said...

Are you an Of Montreal fan?

The new album just leaked and it's Top 5 good.

Mindstroller said...

Oh my, i just got an image of Michael Moore on a skateboard chewing on a carrot. It was moderately disturbing.