Monday, May 07, 2007

The book I made.

I made this book. It's a small book, but I made it and wrote the stuff that is in it, and the feeling that gives just reinforces my belief that the more things you make, the better. This is the last poem on the last page:


Squirrel is the author of two nests: Hubcap Emporium (1965) and The Long Branch (2002).

Purple Coneflower’s latest ring-box of weevils, Train Song City (2003) is a finalist for the Purple Coneflower Prize for Third Books of Lunar Punditry.

Open Field is the author of Closed at Noon (2006), a critical study of tiny post offices.

Bird is a bird. This is his first contribution to poetry.

Long Walk is the Green Tea Professor of Flannel Sheets. Her first collection of seeds will be published by Warm Milk Press in November, 2009.

Left Turn at 5:20 uses Loma photography and coconut rice in an effort to answer a question posed to it by a muddy road that leads to a barn where a mummified cat is caught behind a beam in the upper hay loft.

Spouse is the foremost water-color graffiti artist practicing in the three recognized East-South-Eastern watersheds. The first retrospective of her work, Yo!, Murder of Crows!, is set to open soon after the next Scurvy Equinox.
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Houston Smith said...

Scott, I was just going to email you to see if you were willing to make another copy. I would purchase it, but if it bloodies your fingers then I won't make you make another.

Mr. Hill said...

Hey, we need to talk, Houston. Maybe we can get together later this week or this weekend and record.

I'm planning making some more books this summer after I change a couple of things. George asked for four copies and I want a clean one for myself, too. I'll let you know.

countvonsexy said...


I was talking to Leslie out at the Library the other day. She wants to a show of hand-made books. So, I guess what I'm saying Hill is...I better see your stuff next to mine.


Mr. Hill said...

That's a cool idea. When I see her next I'll nominate myself.