Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Spring Hiking

This is the time to get out there--no bugs and no real heat, either. This Sunday's day trip was just under an hour of country-driving to an old girl scout camp that had a real live waterfall, high enough that it would really hurt if you were to fall off of it.

The disorienting thing, especially for an Eagle Scout, was getting lost. I didn't take a map, assuming that the place would be small enough for me to find my way around. And then I actually lost track of north, which I almost never do, and which was nice. I don't wear a watch so that I can forget about time, but it had been a while since I'd experienced the confusing pleasure of being lost in a woods, especially in this state.
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sarahjane said...

woah, you're an eagle scout?
this is a whole side of you we've never seen. on another note, we're looking forward to our first summery weekend in michigan for memorial day.

Mr. Hill said...

Well, I try not to flaunt it.

But which part of the Boy Scout Oath have you not seen in me, "physically fit," "mentally awake," or "morally straight"?

sarahjane said...

no matter how i answer this it's not good.

countvonsexy said...

I love that you're listening to "Liquid Swords"--are going to Pitchfork this year?

Mr. Hill said...

I'm pretty sure I'm going to Sunday, maybe Saturday, and I'm spinning Swords to decide if Friday would be worth it. Probably couldn't swing three days, though.

I assume you're going to make a day or two, right? Let me know which.