Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Irises et al

I like when the Irises start to pop because that means the Siberian Irises will be coming soon and that is almost the highlight of the year in my inner life. In fact, this year my inner life will hold its third annual Siberian Iris Festival. It's going to be huge.
More Irises.
And Clematis.

The best new addition to the garden this year is probably going to be the Delphinium. When I brought them home, I had this conversation:

Wife: Did you know that Delphinium are my favorite flowers?
Me: No. How could I not know that?
Wife: I don't know.
Me: How come we've never had them before?
Wife: I don't know.

See how filled with mystery and how endlessly renewing a marriage can be? It's remarkable.


Rachel said...

In French class, we were kinda watching a movie kinda ignoring a movie, but there was a part where they were holding a festival for snails. The world needs more interesting celebrations.

Mr. Hill said...

That is so true. There are so many things that need to be celebrated, and yet people only seem to care about throwing parties for the apple and corn.

countvonsexy said...

I can tell that I'm starting the cruel and wicked turn to decrepitude.

I've begun to take an interest in gardening.

Just the other day, I was at Dewald's Floral on Coldwater (I won't mention why)--and I ACTUALLY thought to myself "What a lovely hibiscus tree".

My jaw literally dropped. I looked around to make sure no one had heard what I had thought.

Ay yi yi.


POST SCRIPT: Lovely garden.

sarahjane said...

i love irises. if you ever start thinning those out, you've got our number, right? saturday the extention gardens at IPFW is having their plant sale. i'm hoping to get something sweet for the front yard that will make our landscaping a little less ghetto. oh yeah, wes finished the road. he liked it! (another reader in love with cormac mccarthy, i guess).

Mr. Hill said...

I love that sale, Sarah. I'd forgotten it was this weekend. Roller Derby is Saturday, too. Lots going on. We'll have to have an Oprah party *shudder* when Cormac does his interview.

Man, I love Dewald's--it's fun just to visit. I'm not sure you have enough room in your life for more interests, D, so try to keep the gardening thing under control.