Saturday, May 05, 2007

Good News

As you can see above, the utilities all came out to mark their buried hardware, and, thank goodness, the sandbox is only minimally affected. We can easily tell the kids to avoid the flagged areas and play in the rest. And the flags add a nice, kid-friendly touch, I think. So, good news all around.

The real drawback to a sandbox, I'm just now realizing, is all the sand. Watching the kids play, I keep hearing myself tell them "now, don't get too sandy." How do other parents, wiser parents, deal with this? I mean, apart from not having a sandbox? It's a conundrum.

Okay, last sandbox post for awhile, promise.
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LetsGoThrow said...

Wait. That's the solution. Stick flags in the sand?

Mr. Hill said...
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Mr. Hill said...

Sure, kids like flags. It's like using Smokey the Bear to warn children against forest fires.

Actually, I took all the flags from around the yard, the actual locations of all our utilities, and stuck them in there for the picture.

I hope the marathon went as expected. Only 48 states to go.

mark said...

ow do I as a parent deal with the sand? Have a Roomba vacuum robot do its round in the living room every night (this is the room that is adjecent to our garden, hence gets most sanded)