Saturday, November 10, 2007


I really liked the first episode of Flight of the Conchords back when I watched it online a few months ago, but I never really expected the series itself to be as good as it is. It's just so dry and deadpan. When I watched the first disc of season one over the last couple of nights, I was laughing out loud pretty much the whole way through. I must be genetically predisposed for that kind of humour.

I think part of why it works is that Bret and Jermaine are completely deadpan during the "dramatic" scenes, but in the musical interludes they transform into whatever the opposite of deadpan is. Some of those songs are just hilarious. Most of them, even. Like this one, "Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros." I can't understand what Bret is saying at the beginning, but Jermaine's lines are ridiculous:

In other news, we bit the bullet and signed up for Dish network this week. Cheapest way to watch IU basketball. No choice, really. I'm a little worried, because I watched so little tv this last year, and now I'm going to get hooked on watching South Park reruns or something silly like that.


LetsGoThrow said...

Do you get the Big Ten Network now? I can't tell you how many lacrosse and volleyball and soccer games I've watched now. Probably more than when I was actually at a Big Ten school...

Mr. Hill said...

I will--that's basically the only reason I'm having it installed. I can see myself watching lots of soccer and other games I don't really care about.

The installer guy comes on Tuesday, so I have until then to read any books that I wanted to get to in the next year or so.

sarahjane said...

I think Wes is going to be spending a lot of time at your house this winter. It only took him 10 seconds to say, "Can WE get dish network?"
ME: "No."
WES: "It's only $10 extra a month."
ME: "No."
WES: "We could have your grandpa over to watch too."
ME: "No. Go to Scott's."

He's all yours.

Mr. Hill said...

You really ought to be more supportive, Sarah.

But if you can't find the heart to do that, Wes is welcome any time, but he'll need to call first for U of M games.

I'm the only one in my family who'll have the Big Ten network, so there may be a small army around our small tv on game nights.

sarahjane said...

No, let's not tell him about the U of M games. I think he'll be fine just seeing IU. Otherwise he might as well just bunk with you guys. :) Does your family watch IU or Michigan? I forget.

Mr. Hill said...

Oh, it's always been IU for us. Growing up in Michigan as an IU fan, U of M and MSU were always the enemy.

And I don't think I can ever forgive Michigan for the time I sat in the front row of their student section at a football game while wearing a red IU sweatshirt. Marshmallows to the back of the head for three hours. Some scars run deep.

countvonsexy said...

Yeah, me and the boys just had our FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS fest last Tuesday.

I have nothing but love for it, but I won't lie...later into the season, it begins to drop off in quality. I think they just ran out of songs.

"Business Time" is my favorite. But I do love the Bowie episode.


Mr. Hill said...

His Bowie is awesome. "Wear an eye patch."

"Business Time" and the one Jermaine sings to cheer up Bret and the exchange that follows about putting a wig on him are probably my favorites.