Sunday, March 11, 2007

Brother to Wed Local Cutie

There she is, our Leslee, the future Mrs. Brian Hill! Wow. I think the whole family has been laughing giddily since we heard today--she's just that wonderful.

Brian took her north, way up in Michigan, to make the proposal out on a frozen lake so that the exact place of the asking will eventually disappear, a place they will only be able to revisit in memory.

For some reason, the only pictures I have of Brian and Leslee together are from Germanfest last summer, so pardon the beer--it wasn't Disneyfest.

Man, Brian and I were kids, I swear, yesterday.
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Ryan said...

I had no idea that you had a brother... (My girlfriend tried to convince me that you did since she graduated from Northrop, but I wasn't too sure...I don't even know if she is I am rambling...) But nonetheless, a congratulations is in order!

Mr. Hill said...

Your girlfriend's right--History teacher at Northrop.

Ryan said...

Were you riding your bike on Hillegas a day or two ago? Because I think I saw you... I think...