Saturday, March 10, 2007

Syrup 07

Here are C and Mr. B walking back to the car (parked up there at the barn) after a couple hours of emptying buckets of tree sap and filling up with pancakes. We usually go to one of these in a woods north of town an hour or so, but just heard about this one through the Acres web site, and it's so much better. For one thing, it's free. For another, you have to walk through 1/2 mile of mud to get there, so you know you are spending time with people who really like their syrup--good people. You feel like you've earned your day. And then for another thing they give you buckets and let you trip through the woods collecting sap, and then finally there is Mr. Yoder, who owns the farm and talks to you about trees and whatever.
Some fun stuff going on today--this, and now I'm going to go watch a rugby tournament at the park across the street that I can see from where I'm sitting . And if I don't take too much time C might let me get in my first road ride of the season today, too, since I let her spin this morning. I'm almost glad IU lost last night so that I don't have to be inside watching that boring offense on this pretty day.

Injury update: two to report. Had to call the bike ride off when I hurt my back whilst leaning over to turn on the dvd player. I mean geez, I carry a kid a mile on my back today with no problem, but it's this that gets me.As much as my back is killing me, though, I still probably feel better than the rugby playing kid I saw dislocate his shoulder today. His team had driven all the way from Columbus, Indiana, too. That's the first time I'd watched rugby in person, and it seems designed specifically to cause injuries just like that. Pretty ferocious stuff. My kids will be forced to stick to mountain biking where at least you know the trees aren't trying to hurt you on purpose.
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Michelle said...

Sounds fun - so where was this one? Beautiful day today!

Mr. Hill said...

It's near the Acres office up there in the Cedar Canyon area. I wish you guys could have come. It was just your scene, plus there is a decent sail boat I found in their barn that they'd probably sell for nothing and Mike could have helped evaluate it for me.

sarahjane said...

Miss J has the most determined look on her face in that last photo! We wanted to be outside so badly this weekend, but, sadly, the boy is a sickie, so we had to keep him inside.

Michelle said...

Oh, syrup and sailboats - I'll report to Mike ... dang it.

Mr. Hill said...

Yeah, J is all about driving tractors and being close to the land and being a princess. She's keeping her options open.

Hope the little fella isn't too bad off.

heidi said...

hello mr hill,

upon the recommendation of your amazing wife, i took my little family to the syrup farm as well. nothing makes you feel more alive and happy then a nice cold day running and playing with your kids in a group of trees, eh?