Friday, March 16, 2007

A recent one

Here's a new poem about tee-vee . . . or is it? I have no idea.


This is the episode where the guy
recalls scenes from his life
you know what a clips show is
and he relives the one
when he said goodbye to her
at the airport
she got a job in marketing in Seattle
she would have stayed if he asked
and he remembers that and
decides to kill himself.
God, that isn’t funny at all.

What about the one where he
is avoiding his boss at work
because he botched a project
and then runs into him
at a baseball game
there is an awkward moment
someone should tell a joke
and his boss fires him
and he cries right
there at the baseball game.
That is so humiliating. God.

Remember the one where he
doesn’t even get out of bed
the whole show is right there in bed
and he doesn’t even say anything, he
just lies there but his eyes are open
and his mouth is a little open
he looks funny
I wished the phone would ring or something
I don’t even know
what that one was about
I had to leave the room.

1 comment:

Houston Smith said...

Stick to your dayjob! Just kidding again. This will be a recurring theme in my responses to your blog. I read this poem in my workshop packet, and the "God, that isn't funny at all" line was a gift, George would say, me too.