Wednesday, March 21, 2007

Sitting up, taking fluids

I guess I'm better. Whatev. I'm well enough to sit up at least. Picked up the guitar, even. How is it that every time I look up the chords to a Wilco song I like, it's always GCD with maybe an Am or an F? How can one guy make so many different cool songs with the same material? Today: "Handshake Drugs," D, G, F.

Slate has a pretty funny four minute segment from the This American Life show that starts on Showtime this Thursday. It's animated by Chris Ware, even. I still think I will prefer the radio version of the show, but that may be because I don't have cable and will never see the Showtime version.


MBW said...

Glad to hear you are feeling a little better.

I just got back to my studio after two flat tires on my first spring ride.

The prospect of watching this show, (along with my regular wish to see The Daily Show and a couple of things on HBO) made me contemplate getting cable, just for a moment. Maybe they'll be available for rent later on.

Calypso said...

You'd be suprised the magic that can be made with G, C, D, and A. Suddenly you realize you're listening to the same stuff all the time.

I'm also a classic rock fan though, so that kinda goes without saying.

Alka-Seltzer plus flu? It tastes horrible but works for a while. I remember the old meth-infested Sudafed used to help me, but the new stuff is pretty bogus.

Mr. Hill said...

I figured things out tonight . . it had been almost ten days since I'd made waffles. So, waffles for dinner at 8:30 and I'm feeling better already.

MBW . . . two flats! That sounds like my bike luck. C read me an email announcement for some public art symposium that had your name written all over it. Are you involved with that?

MBW said...

Glad to hear the waffles helped! It was probably the syrup - maybe start taking that by the spoonful.

And no, ironically - I talked up the public arts stuff last year with DID but I'm not the drive behind this effort, though I'll assist as I can of course. "Public Arts" reaching the mainstream! As I've said, it reassures me a bit about work prospects.