Sunday, December 11, 2005


It occurred to me tonight that I currently have five journals going in one form or another right now. I have this blog, my reading blog, my teaching blog, the journal I keep on my pc at home, and my classroom journal. That doesn't even count my photo journal and half-arsed gardening journal I started this summer. Dang.

It used to be that I liked to keep track of how many pages I wrote each year in my journal, but that's not really possible any more unless I cut and past all my blog stuff into my home journal. What a pain that would be.

Anyways, this begins the last week before winter break. It's going to go quickly, I know, and break should be pretty nice. I wish my xc skis weren't up in Michigan, b/c I'd take them out to Fox Island or Metea. I'll be up there soon enough.

I've got a nice new writing assignment for the sophomores I'm going to give them tomorrow. It should be a nice grade boost if they put some effort into it. I'll cross my fingers for them.

I read a pretty cool article on video blogging in the Sunday New York Times today and checked out a few. I was jealous of their skills w/ the cam corder and the internet, but overall, most of them seemed a little too amateurish to maintain my interest for very long. I can read a blog faster than I can watch a vlog, skipping through the boring bits. That's probably why I prefer them.

One of the ok ones is by a guy named Michael Verdi.

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