Tuesday, December 13, 2005

I'm blogging about vlogging

So, here I am in class blogging about this vlog we just watched in class . . . I dunno, what does it say about the media that one blogger can call a kid "the youngest blogger in the world" and they pick it up and run with it like it is the gospel truth? Are they that desperate for internet puff pieces? Distractions from the Iraq war? Seriously. It just shows you what an inordinate amount of influence one person with a computer can have on the internet these days--it's both scary and stupid at the same time.


Random1001.5 said...

I can't argue with you there. Words can fly around the internet in seconds. It makes me wonder if our society is becoming to fast, and dependent on the media. People with computers can be scary too, I guess, I mean what with hackers hacking stuff, but then again, shopping on the internet is supposed to be safer then in real-life shopping.

Mindstroller said...

Random's comment reminds me of Fahrenheit 451... movin too fast in a world of technology... PS this is Curfman

steffie jude said...

Your blogs are very interesting Mr. Hill, they're a lot of fun to read. I think it was very true what you said about how the media is finding reasons to almost distract from the war and all. I also find it hillarious that they did a show on it in the first place. I guess they must have been very desperate. And how mindstroller connected the two, that's pretty scary to think about.
PS this is SSpencer

Mr. Hill said...

In a lot of ways, I think the internet is a double edged sword. It's scary how much control one person can have sitting at home at their desk, but at the same time, it's also kind of inspiring and makes you want to grab a piece of it for yourself.

What's funny to me about that girl Dylan's vlog is how little she actually had to say. I mean, not that I expected her to be some genius, but really she was saying nothing and even that was enough to get thousands of people interested in her site.

It fits right in with reality television, I think. It's just amazing how interesting we can find some of the most ordinary details from other peoples' lives.