Monday, December 05, 2005

This weekend

Got cold this weekend. Snowed, too. It's beautiful out.

On Friday, I told June we'd go to the library to get movies and she said "let's get FOUR movies!!" and so that's what we did, all musicals. Sound of Music, My Fair Lady, Annie, and 42nd Street, a b&w choice that she picked on her own. Funny.

So far, she's loving Maria the most, in SoM. My Fair Lady knocked me out, mainly Rex Harrison's performance and the one scene at Ascot where Eliza keeps saying "How do you do?" I kept repeating that line all weekend. Overall, the movie feels a little too long to me, though. The story drags some, and not all the musical numbers are that hummable, except for "I could have danced all night." Plus, some of the storylines feel a little bit underdeveloped. Isn't that strange? That a 2hr 40m movie would have underdeveloped story lines? I think Eliza is a little underdeveloped, too, for that matter. We see her moxy or whatever at the beginning, but after that, for much of the film, she's simply Professor Higgins's automoton.

I love that June loves musicals. They're so wholesome, I guess. They have no villains like the Disney movies do, so I don't have to fast forward through the scary parts.

I picked up J and B today and told J we were going to the newly opened library branch near our house and she starts asking if I brought "books I don't want anymore" to give to the library so that we can get some more out. I didn't know she knew about that. She's always amazing me these days. She's also spending more time with books alone, which is nice to see. She turns the pages and, well, I don't know what. It's her inner life developing.

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