Friday, December 09, 2005


I had this bad dream last night about the MySpace page I've been putting together, and I woke up realizing that it's a bad idea. Here's my line of thought: (1) I am a teacher; (2) and parents and people don't expect me to mess with their kids' personal lives too much; (3) most kids' myspace pages are pretty personal places where they can be who they are without worrying about their parents butting in; (4) if I had a myspace page, it would have links to other peoples' myspace pages, both students and my other friends; (5) there will fer sure be stuff on those pages that most parents don't want, in a perfect world, their kids to see or read, etc. (6) this isn't a perfect world; (7) but parents expect teachers to pretend that it is, or at least not expose them to the world's flaws; (8) for example, I should not use the word **** or **** or even **** in class; (9) some people might think that, by linking to pages where kids talk about stuff that would get them in trouble in the real world, I would, in effect, be condoning or facilitating that kind of "behavior"; (10) that would make them mad at me; (11) I don't want that.

Sure, I know that in reality no kid would learn anything they don't already know by following links from my page, but it's more about the appearance of things that parents care about, and that's what I to concern myself with, unfortunately.

Fortunately, I still have this blog.


Max Huck said...

That is true...although most kids don't post bad things on their myspace's i can c where you are coming one way i like this better than myspace but in others myspace is cooler...

Mr. Hill said...

Myspace definitely has a different kind of energy than Blogger. But, like you said, this is a pretty cool site too.