Saturday, December 03, 2005

Musical day

What is it about The Sound of Music? Twice today I have been put in tears by it, that same scene where the Captain first hears his children singing inside the house and his head turns to the house and he says kind of to himself "the children?" Then he listens to them sing with a mixture of emotions running through his face: pride, regret, the memory of his late wife, and then resolve and he steps out singing. The looks on the chidlren's faces makes it feel real, like a true moment of revelation for them. Such a beautiful scene. I got up with June this am at 7 because she crawled into our winter dark bed to snuggle and started saying "when do we wake up?" We went downstairs and I continued introducing her to one of my favorite musicals.

We picked up four at the library last night: TSOM, 42nd Street, My Fair Lady, and Annie. I hadn't seen Annie for ages, but the first 30 seconds of it told me that it was unwatchable and I walked away. I don't think June dug that one either. She picked 42nd Street out herself and actually seemed to like it though it's in black and white.

My Fair Lady is a pleasant surprise. Quite funny. "How do you do?"

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