Wednesday, December 21, 2005

There is fun in the Fort

Man, I had fun skating at Headwaters Park last evening. I think my favorite winter sports are the ones that let you forget how cold it is, and this is one of them, along with xc skiing and shoveling. Well, not shoveling so much. I can see myself with a broom or whatever clearing off the ice up in Michigan so that I can skate on the lake this winter, just so long as it doesn't take time away from my igloo-building project, which is of supreme importance to me.

I think another reason this skating thing is fun is that, for someone who doesn't have a lot of grace, I actually feel almost graceful out there. Fortunately, I don't get to see what I look like stiff-leggin it around the ice, slowly carving large squares in it--what's important is that I feel graceful and natural and even fast. Erin claimed that I could have walked faster, but it still felt fast to me.

What helped me rise to the occasion was the way Catherine kept making me feel like an invalid, repeating encouraging things like "just hold onto the railing" and "those skates are too serious for you--ask for a beginner pair." Nice reverse-encouragement, honey; it worked.

For real, though, it was pretty cool to skate with C. I mean, we've been together for, I dunno, sixteen years or so, and we'd never skated before. Turns out she's good at it and fun to watch and everything.

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janette said...

That's so sweet that you and Catherine have known each other that long, and yet there are still things you haven't done together. Life will never get boring for both of you, especially now that you have June and Birk around. I know you know it, but you have a beautiful family!

Thanks so much for inviting Matt and me. We had a wonderful time! :)

N.B. We were the very last guests at the party, and we're proud of it!