Wednesday, February 08, 2006

Bring it on!

I am not anywhere near a hawk when it comes to Middle East politics, but when I heard that an Iranian newspaper is holding a contest to come up with cartoons about the Holocaust, my first thought was "Bring. It."

Not because there is anything remotely funny about the Holocaust, of course. It's more the thought of the more radical imams all over Iran putting pen to paper to make comic strips that gets me. This could be the first funny thing that has happened in international relations since "you forgot Poland!!"

Imagine some of the early drafts that contestants come up with; I can see them putting a cartoon together, sitting back to read it, and saying to themselves "no, that's just not funny."

Maybe big things could come of this--maybe people all over Iran trying to write a winning cartoon will realize "hey, there's really nothing at all funny about the Holocaust. That was some seriously tragic stuff they went through." Maybe democracy isn't the road to peace in the Middle East; it's comedy.

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Random1001.5 said...

What's somewhat interesting is that both major religions (Christianty and Islam) both can trace their roots to Judaism.
I don't think riots would happen if they started doing comics like that. Different much more violent culture over there though.