Thursday, February 16, 2006

So here's why people don't send telegrams

It's because they cost almost $50 a pop. At least at the site I found with a quick Google, a hand-delivered (and that's they way you'd want it to be) telegram is around $43 plus .89 cents a word.

You have to wonder how they actually have those delivered. I mean, surely they don't have offices in more than a few cities across the country. If I had a telegram delivered to someone, say, in Fort Wayne, I wonder if they would just open up the Fort Wayne phone book, make a long distace call to the first pizza delivery place listed and say "are you delivering any pizzas near the corner of State and Main? You are? How'd you like to make a quick $5?"

Personally, I'd love to deliver telegrams. How awesome would that be? I could wear a fedora and dress like I was all 1940's and slick my hair back with a nice part and go to peoples' homes and businesses and say "Telegram!"


letsgothrow said...

I think you could wear the same outfit if you moved to New York to be a bathroom attendant in a posh restaurant. "Hand Towel!"

Almighty Ryan said...

I think the telegram would lose its meaning if those who received them considered the price of sending one more so rather than whatever thought there may have been put behind it. I personally would love to have one sent for a birthday or holiday greeting or just for the heck of it. But then again, I can't really pull fifty-bucks out of my pocket.