Sunday, February 19, 2006

Out of body experience

Fascinating feeling during today's IU game against Illinois . . . I couldn't have cared less. I watched, the whole thing, even, but it felt like it was just a movie about a basketball game for some reason. I've been a fan my whole life, and we have had bad seasons, worse seasons even, but I've never felt this disembodied during a game. I think it's because the coach and most of our good players won't be back--it's hard to root for Robert Vaden, for example, when he has already delcared his intention to leave the team. I don't feel like he's playing for us any more, and he didn't, really, hitting like 1-10 from three.

A little more fun was going to the game on Friday. The kidz loved the action and the popcorn, but got pooped before the first quarter was done in the varsity game. At the beginning of the game, HHS went out and stood right in the center of the home team's floor and did this cool rallying cry. It was pretty cheeky.


letsgothrow said...

When I went to the SS game on Friday night I thought it was fascinating to watch students execute picks and screens; some of them actually played defense! Hoepfully this kind of aggressiveness is beaten out of them soon or else they'll never make the IU team.

I literally fell asleep during the IU game today. With about 7 minutes left I put my head on my desk, heavy with resignation and took a nap.

decnavda said...

I can see my sister Allie with her dumb friends in the background towards middle back of bleachers on left section.