Saturday, February 11, 2006


Maybe I'm one of the last people to hear about Jenny Lewis, but that's okay. I finally came around when I saw this video of her new single "Rise up with Feist" or something like that. Funny Loretta Lynne looke she pulls off. The album is above average so far, but I reserve the right to say it's even better as I get to know it. Right now, I just keep playing the single over and over along with my trusty guitar. In fact, it's really the first couple of lines I love, including the great lyric: "It's like trying to clean the ocean/ what do you think you can drain it?"

Fun stuff. Reminds me of Edith Frost. The new Cat Power is really getting to me, too.

I took a walk in the falling snow with my dog tonight, too. That's always good to do if you are lucky to have both handy, a dog and snow. Even better if you find a stick.


letsgothrow said...

Who is this Joseph and why does he read such crappy books? Oh well, at least he didn't waste his time with books about the Beatles.

letsgothrow said...
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Mr. Hill said...

Oh, he just gets on these kicks. He recently declared the death of fiction (though declaring the death of fiction is itself dead)and he's started on a crappy book phase.

acoolbreeze said...

Apparently the Watson twins, originally from Louisville, went to the University of Evansville. I have trouble figuring out exactly where they shine on the album, so I can't decide if I'm interested in them or not. I agree wholeheartedly with your assessment of this album. I think Jenny Lewis is really neat, and foxy too. This album jumps around a bit, stylistically speaking, but not nearly as much as a Rilo Kiley album. So, it's almost easier to swallow, if you will. I'm sure you will. Indeed, it seems as if you already have.