Sunday, February 26, 2006

To Hammond and Back Again

I took this picture at the US District Court in Hammond this weekend. I like it because it looks like a corner chapel in some kind of modern cathedral, but it's just a couple of water fountains and elevator doors. It's peaceful.

Taking this picture may have been the most peaceful part of the weekend. I drove one of the "short buses" there with eight students and a couple of other club sponsors for the regional mock trial competition. It's a long story, and it was a long, intense day. It was much more intense than the speech competitions I've been to--kids are just in each other's faces all day long. It's totally nuts. In a way, I'm just now realizing how cool it was, even though we ended up middle of the pack and got spanked in one round. Hey, it's our first year ever and we were going up against teams that had competed together for three years in some cases.

We'll be back.

The courthouse itself was just gorgeous--a huge, clean, blocky modernist dream that rose from the rubble of surrounding Hammond like the monolith at the beginning of 2001. I'm serious. This building would be worthy of dwell magazine if only people lived there.

Driving the little bus was fun, too.

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decnavda said...

Where the bloody hell did Kansas go?