Saturday, February 04, 2006

Buddha Machine is Here

My Buddha Machine has arrived. It's the latest thing, so late and great that I'm not yet sure why I bought it, though I'm sure that will become clear to me in good time. Have you ever bought anything off the internet because you read a thing or two about that thing somewhere and it kind of sounded cool and it wasn't all that expensive and you just thought "why not?" I have.

The Buddha Machine is like a poor man's ambient iPod, this lil square box of plastic that plays one of nine different loops of ambient weirdness over and over until you turn it off or the batteries run out. Apparently, it achieves it's sublime coolness because each unit has its own teeny bodhisattva seated right inside. You can see him in the technical diagram, above.

I think what made me buy it/him was when I read in two different places that "Brian Eno bought eight of these." Why that would make me want to do anything, I'm not sure, but it did. Still, I like my little bodhisattva. He needs a name, though.


A.T. said...

Yes, but Alan Bishop bought twenty-four of them! And they come in many colors!

Random1001.5 said...

Buddha Machine, that's pretty cool. Never thought you'd find something like that.