Friday, February 03, 2006

Kids and Trainhoppers

Fun night out tonight for kids and parents alike . . went to the lobby of the Indiana Theater to see the CD release party for The Legendary Trainhoppers. As you can see in the snap above, they're a sharp, backward-glancing Americana rock 'n' roll band. They've got lots of people excited here because they're made up of the best and brightest of various bands in the local scene.

One reason this was such a great show is that they actually had a 6:45 set that let kids in free because one of the guys is a kindergarten teacher and he wanted his class to come. So C and I loaded our kids up, even tho B had been pukin' a lot today, and headed downtown. What a cool experience to see so many young, happenin' parents with their kids, all enjoying good original alt-country music. And what an obvious, under-exploited idea: early music shows for the young parents who want to stay engaged with the scene but don't want to have to pay for a baby sitter. It was as much fun for the chilluns, anyway.

Most of the show was electrified, but for the last song they unplugged and stepped into the crowd--probably the highlight of the show for me, the way music was supposed to be heard. Why'd Dylan have to go electric, anyway? He ruined everything, the traitor.

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